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Metering Devices

Helical Vane Water Meter

VCMHVC - 50 to 300
Available in sizes 50mm to 300mm

  • Water meter is metrological class B to ISO 4064
  • Body is constructed from cast iron and is baked powder coated internally and externally
  • The cyclometer is hermetically sealed and can Rotate through 360 degrees
  • Pulse devices can be fitted after installation
  • Pulse value for sizes:
o 50 – 100mm is 1 pulse = 100 litres
o 150 – 300mm is 1 pulse = 1000 litres

  • Ideally suited for potable water and industrial applications
  • Installation can be either horizontal or vertically up
  • Maximum water temperatures = 30°C
  • Measuring element is removable. Flanges are table D to AS2129.