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  • Electronic Design and Manufacturing Queensland (EDMQ Pty Ltd) is established in Australia by John Flood & Neil Gibson, as a specialist designer & manufacturer of customised electronic products.

  • Name changed to Electronic Design and Manufacturing International (EDMI Pty Ltd).
    Designed & produced electronic scoreboards for the 1982 XIIth Commonwealth Games in Brisbane.

  • Developed the first electronic revenue meter, the Mk1.

  • Developed the Mk2 meter. Like the Mk1, the Mk2 met all but the physical casing requirements of the IEC standards.

  • Developed Mk3 meter, our first meter to fully comply with International IEC standards.

  • Developed the Mk6 Meter:
    Class 0.5S and Class 1

  • SGX-listed SMB United acquired a 30% stake through wholly owned subsidiary Bridex.
    EDMI Asia Pte Ltd was incorporated on 15 March in Singapore.

  • Manufacturing commenced from 2,500-sqft factory and office in Senoko.

  • Relocated to Yishun Industrial Park (current address)

  • Launched IPO for EDMI Limited.
    Added new production line for new meter models and increased capacity. Completed development of new Mk10 meter designed for electricity distributors and commercial and industrial end users.

  • Launch of Mk6E
    Advanced Three Phase Electronic Revenue Meter
    Genius Series – Class 0.2S and Class 0.5S

  • Launch of Mk7 Series
    Advanced Single Phase Electronic Revenue Meter
    Atlas Series - Class 1 and Class 2

  • Launch of Mk10E
    Advanced Three Phase Electronic Revenue Meter
    Atlas Series – Class 0.5S and Class 1

  • Started operation of the Manufacturing Plant in Shen Zhen

  • Launch of Abacus Series:
    Mk29: Advanced Single Phase
    Electronic Revenue Meter Class 1 and Class 2
    Mk29D: Advanced Single Phase Electronic Prepayment Meter Class 1 and Class 2

  • Acquisition of EDMI by Osaki Electric Co Ltd and commencement of EDMI Senai Manufacturing Plant.

  • New Corporate Logo (1st April 2013)

    Our logo expresses Precision, Reliability, and Technology with three small squares, which together represent Osaki’s unshakable value cultivated to date in the energy management domain. The rectangle, which signifies new value for the global market and the energy solutions domain, joins and completes one large square, the symbol for “Global Energy Solution Leader.