Ultra Low Power LoRa Modem


Originally designed by Semtech, the LoRa (LOng RAnge) low power edge node chipset is available in three classes depending on the quantity of uplink and downlink windows required.

Utilizing spread spectrum technology, LoRa features packets up to 256 bytes in size, as well as adaptive data rate functionality to ensure reliable system scalability.

Product Available In:

  • Africa & Middle East
  • Americas
  • Asia
  • Australasia
  • Europe

Key Features

Standards and Compliance

  • CE Certified
  • RoHS

Key Specifications

Frequency Bands
  • ISM or licensed band, ranges:
    – 137MHz to 175MHz
    – 410MHz to 525MHz
    – 862MHz to 1020MHz
Data Rates
  • 0.3kbps to 50kbps adaptive data rate
RF Power (max.)
  • 0.1W
Dimension and Weight
  • 71mm (H) x 52mm(W) 24mm(D)
  • Weight: 58 g