Smart Streetlight Cabinet Controller

The conventional method for switching a bank of streetlights is via a pre-programmed timer, regardless of other external factors.
Fitted with an EDMI Mk10E smart meter connected to Itron’s RF Mesh technology, the EDMI Smart Streetlight control cabinet presents an elegant solution to this problem. When provided with the ability to switch streetlights in response to multiple inputs including external signals, a smart streetlight network consumes energy more efficiently and reduces maintenance costs through advanced notification of failures.

  • Key Benefits
  • Key Features
  • Application
  • Adjust street lighting operation and brightness in response to real time events including weather, traffic, accidents and public events.
  • Network control of streetlights can reduce energy by consumption by up to 30%.
  • Improve environmental sustainability and quality of life.
  • Drive economic development.

Download Smart Streetlight Cabinet Controller Brochure

  • Support for scheduled and on-demand on/off control for up to three (3) relays.
  • Support for cabinet door open/closed alarm.
  • Provide interval read for a range of PQ channels including total power, active energy, voltage by phase, and frequency.
  • Support on-demand register read for a wide range of values including total power, total active energy, current by phase, active power by phase, active energy by phase, and temperature.
  • Support power quality alarm notification including low power, high power, low power factor alarm.
  • Support capturing GPS coordinates.
  • Support manual bypass mode allowing operator to conduct maintenance work safely.