Hybrid Prepayment Solutions

Many utility companies face a dilemma in searching for a prepayment solution that would suit their clients needs. In response to this, EDMI developed a system to meet every need of a utility company: a Meter-Smart prepayment model, developed for STS meters and the increasing demand, and a Software-Smart prepayment solution for AMI meters.

  • Key Benefits
  • Key Features
  • Application
  • Reduce Financial Risk
  • Prevents Tampering
  • Prevents Damage of Equipment and Better Energy Conservation
  • Seamless Prepayment Experience
  • No More Tokens
  • Flexible Energy Control

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  • Provides wide range of reports like account reconciliation, detailed sales reports, meter thread profile report, etc.
  • Cutting edge web-based features like customer information and agreement management, tariff management, debt collection and grouping support.
  • STS certified.
  • Offers software-as-a-service option so that utilities can outsource hosting and technology management, allowing you to focus on your core business.