Distribution Transformer Monitoring

The Distribution Transformer Monitoring Solution is a true end-to-end service offering that is simple to deploy and operate for distribution network operators looking to manage their low voltage transformers and downstream networks.

  • Key Benefits
  • Key Features
  • Application
  • Reporting on power quality values recorded at the transformer.
  • Reporting of transformer loading including individual phases.
  • Reporting against recorded temperatures at the transformer.
  • Ability to remotely interrogate meters during a power outage.
  • Real-time alarms for power outage, power quality exceedances and other critical alerts including alerts from third party equipment.
  • Turn key solution with no capital outlay. Hosted in the EDMI Cloud to avoid upfront licensing and infrastructure costs.
  • Manage energy performance and environment impacts. Powerful data portal suitable for use by end consumers and utilities alike.
  • Generate and deliver revenue grade billing data. Perform validation, estimation and editing of data, prior to bill generation.
  • Seamless roll-out and commissioning of meter assets. Meters automatically commission and register with back office system, avoiding manual set up and data entry errors.
  • Remotely manage entire fleet, no more costly site visits. Extend the life of entire fleet through remote updates.
  • Reduce losses, tamper detection, analysis and comparison of usage patterns to detect theft.