EDMI Bright Future Turns Heads at European Utility Week

EDMI’s impressive new corporate look turned heads at European Utility Week 2013, and kept delegates engaged with an exciting product range that challenges the rest of the market to keep up.

EDMI’s achievements with Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification (SMETS) v1 compliance and the new, modern ultrasonic Smart Gas Meter, G6000, lead its 2013 product offerings, showing EDMI still leads the way in innovation and compliance standards.


“The G6000 combines a small, aesthetic form with a high standard of precision and ingress protection (IP67),” said Chin Jin Meng, Managing Director, EDMI Limited, “Add to this its clean integration with our advanced Clariti software, and it’s not surprising we were busy answering enquiries.”

EDMI also showed off its popular Genius and Atlas series energy meters. And Lee Kwang Mong, EDMI’s Group Managing Director was on hand to discuss compliance.

“Our partners look to us for standards compliance,” said Mr. Lee, “EDMI is at the fore of Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification compliance, which will be vital for future commercial ventures in UK and Europe, and is set to become a significant focus in international markets.”

European Utility Week 2013 attracts delegates not only from Europe, but from all over the world and EDMI was proud to welcome our guests from our existing partners in Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Bangladesh, and to meet with new likeminded innovators from all corners of the globe.