MIRA MDM (Meter Data Management)

MIRA MDM provides out-of-box SOA integration with industry available COTS such as Oracle and SAP system. MIRA MDM has a configurable rule engine to adapt to the project needs of VEE and efficiently manage the storage of meter data.

  • Key Benefits
  • Key Features
  • Application
  • Collect data from various Data Collection System
  • Optimise data storage
  • Support multiple billing periods, TOU/TOD
  • Flexible and configurable rules on meter data
  • Allow to deploy multiple billing systems
  • Collect data from multiple HES and AMR.
  • Efficiently manage the data storage leveraging the configurable rules and multistage retention policies.
  • Generate billing determinants from meter register, and multiple TOU/TOD options.
  • Provide VEE engine where several rules like zero, and negative consumption are configured.
  • MDM provide out-of-box HES integrations such as Oracle SGG Adapter and SAP Adapter.
  • Provide standard interfaces to other systems.