EDMI Wins World’s Southern-Most Smart Meter Deployment

EDMI NZ Limited (EDMI) has secured an agreement to deliver over 40,000 meters to powerlines company, PowerNet, a key member of the joint venture, SmartCo.  This takes EDMI’s total meter deliverables to SmartCo members to more than 75,000 meters.

The growing partnership with EDMI will help SmartCo and its members to deliver high quality smart meter services to energy retailers.

The partnership comes after a comprehensive three-year tender process in which SmartCo identified EDMI as one of its strategic suppliers.  Gavin Lennox, SmartCo’s General Manager, said the result is positive news for New Zealand retailers and consumers.

PowerNet manages the smart meter programme for Electricity Invercargill Limited (EIL) and The Power Company Limited (TPCL).

Jason Franklin, PowerNet’s Chief Executive, said EDMI’s meters and solutions form part of a $24 million project to improve PowerNet’s capability to manage network security and reliability. “Consumers will see the benefits as their electricity retailers start to use the smart metering technology,” he said.

PowerNet acknowledged the importance of EDMI smart metering and smart-grid solutions in helping them manage their smart networks in real time.

“We will be able to see exactly where faults are occurring, measure energy loss between substations and consumers and manage peak loads,” said Mr Franklin.

“The data we provide to retailers will enable them to work with their customers to change the way they use electricity in the future,” he said.

This announcement comes after EDMI New Zealand confirmed arrangements with On Metering (a joint venture between Network Tasman and Alpine Energy, and member of SmartCo) to deliver similar services on the MainPower network in the North Canterbury region. Together the agreements make up a significant portion of the SmartCo roll-out.

Smart Communications; Smart Networks

EDMI will work with Silver Spring Networks (SSN) chosen by SmartCo to supply RF Mesh communications and the SSN Utility IQ™ back office system, to deliver enhanced smart metering technology to SmartCo members and their customers.

 “This partnership with SmartCo is an exciting opportunity for EDMI, and our second major project with Silver Spring Networks globally,” said EDMI New Zealand General Manager, Anak Lumb.

“It clearly establishes EDMI as a strong player across the smart metering spectrum in the Australasian region and internationally,” he said, “and will deliver progressive smart metering solutions to SmartCo customers.”

About EDMI

To learn more about EDMI, visit our homepage or contact Anak Lumb, General Manager EDMI NZ at

About SmartCo

SmartCo, a joint venture company owned by electricity lines companies including Alpine Energy, Electricity Invercargill, Counties Power, Network Tasman, Network Waitaki, The Power Company, On Metering and WEL Networks, will serve more than 250,000 urban and rural consumers across New Zealand.  For more information please visit:

About PowerNet

PowerNet Limited is an electricity network management company formed in 1994.  It is owned by The Power Company and Electricity Invercargill.  PowerNet manages five separate networks, being The Power Company, Electricity Invercargill, Electricity Southland, OtagoNet Joint Venture and Stewart Island Electricity Authority. For more information please contact: Paul McCullagh, Smart Meters Project Manager  ph: 03 211 8824 or 021 872 613