EESB (EDMI Electronics Sdn Bhd) Hits First Million in Meter Production

EDMI reached a significant milestone in May 2014 when our Main Manufacturing Center, EESB, produced their 1 millionth unit of meters on the 24th May 2014.

In the same month, EESB meters shipment revenue reached a record 62,387 units. This represents almost double the production from the same time last year, when EESB produced 33,000 units in May 2013.

From the time EESB started production in Jan 2012 (3,200 units each month), demand for Smart meters has been increasing. EESB has been positioned in the EDMI group to respond to this growth with the capacity and the capability to consistently manage even greater levels.

Looking ahead, EESB will continue to expand. Future projections will have the team meet the second million milestone in half the time of the first; a new line with a cell concept will be ready for mass production by Q4 2014; we are qualifying the Genius series for production at the facility in just a few months; and, this year, we are looking into mass production of the Helios smart gas meter.

Supported by the twin pillars of Capacity and Capability improvement, EDMI-EESB is set to be a key component of delivering the success of EDMI’s Vision to be the global market leader for energy meters and solution.