Message Regarding COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Dear Valued Customers,

EDMI is focused on serving our customers safely, reliably and flexibly during the unprecedented situation of the COVID-19 global pandemic.  First and foremost, we have robust plans in place to keep our employees safe and to help the ‘All of Community’ effort to contain the spread of the virus across the globe. Importantly, these plans, as well as our technology and systems, will also ensure we manage our service levels during the COVID-19 global pandemic and continue to deliver the best possible outcomes for you.

Different communities around the world are facing a range of unique impacts from COVID-19. Given the fluidity of this situation, we have empowered each of our regional businesses globally to implement appropriate actions specific to their customers and local situation.  At a high level, EDMI is taking the following approach:

  • Defer non-essential travel until further notice
  • Mandate or promote (depending on jurisdiction) working from home to enforce social distancing, while ensuring customer engagement via video conference or phone. Customer visits can be completed for urgent business if deemed appropriate and in line with all government and company policies
  • Business Continuity Plans are in place and being executed to limit impacts to our all meter, software and solution operations, including extensive contingency planning with our supply chain partners to ensure meter delivery capability remains strong
  • All customer’s queries, questions, issues, and incidents continue to be managed as usual, in line with contractual obligations
  • Local EDMI teams will engage with customers regularly throughout the pandemic

We are working diligently to maintain strong business continuity and are focused on ensuring all services are delivered to customers as well as to protect our employees, our customers and our society.

EDMI understands that the fluidity of the pandemic situation is not only impacting EDMI, but your businesses as well. With this in mind, EDMI’s local teams will continuously work with you to update your future forecasted needs in line with the changing landscape.  This visibility will enable EDMI to plan and deliver to your needs through these unprecedented times.

We appreciate your support to enable EDMI to serve you better.

How New Seng
Chief Executive Officer
EDMI Limited