EDMI Launches Solutions Brand, MIRA

EDMI’s new solutions brand, MIRA, for use in smart metering solutions marks the start of a new era of value and choice for the Global Energy Solution Leader’s retail, distribution and metering services customers and consumers.

The MIRA brand provides a renewed focus for EDMI’s divergent products and services, bringing clarity to EDMI’s portfolio and delivering trust and certainty for its partners and users.

Over the company’s 40+ years of operations, EDMI has built a leading position as a meter manufacturer which has evolved with the international smart metering solutions market into a position of thought and market leadership. To date, EDMI has provided highly scalable and future-proof software solutions that are providing asset management for more than 6 million metering points globally.

A key feature of EDMI’s MIRA-branded solutions is their endless adaptability and flexibility. MIRA solutions are communications agnostic, enabling end-to-end visibility and control based on industry standard protocols such as DLMS, IDIS and LWM2M, over a wide range of bearer services including 4G, NB-IoT, RF Mesh and more. The MIRA AMI supports seamless, interoperable integration upstream and down-stream, delivering more choice and lower integration costs.

We are now taking the opportunity to evolve our brand to better represent EDMI’s diverse expertise and align it with our refined value proposition and vision,” said Roy Kirsopp, Group Chief Executive Officer at EDMI. “Under this new brand MIRA, we will continue to provide reliable and seamless smart metering solutions to our valued and prospective customers globally,” he added.