MIRA AMI is end-to-end solution to address all Smart Utility needs. MIRA AMI supports to install various electrical devices, communicating through the industry protocol.
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Head End System

MIRA HES solution comprises core HES, NMS insight and interoperable integration services. It provides flexible upstream integration and multiple downstream connectivities.
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MIRA MDM (Meter Data Management)

MIRA MDM provides out-of-box SOA integration with industry available COTS such as Oracle and SAP system. MIRA MDM has a configurable rule engine to adapt to the project needs of VEE and efficiently manage the storage of meter data.
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MIRA Intelligence

MIRA Intelligence is an extensive solution that connects various multiple data sources, HES, MDM and MDC and provides insight through consumer analytics, network analytics, and real-time analytics.
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MIRA Asset Monitoring

MIRA Asset Monitoring solution monitors the wide range of electrical equipment such as distribution transformer, feeder, substation and provides flexible integration with distribution automation and OMS system, to leverage end-to-end benefits of AMI.
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MIRA Smart Grid

MIRA Smart Grid solution provides interoperable interfaces and standard integration to enable smart grid functionality by leveraging smart grid modules such as PLM, DSM, DER, Storage, EV, and VPP.
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    EDMI offers adaptable and flexible solutions that are commutations agnostic, enabling end-to-end visibility and control over a wide range of bearer services.

    EDMI offers a comprehensive range of smart meters and systems, enabling our customers to manage meter resources more efficiently.

    EDMI offers robust and reliable communication products and accessories enabling efficient metering, monitoring and control equipment.

Reference Cases

Nationwide Smart Meter Rollout in Great Britain

In 2012, the UK Government committed to a national smart metering implementation programme which aims to offer smart electricity and gas meters to approximately 53 million homes and business across Great Britain by 2024.
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Power of Choice in Australia

In 2011, the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) was directed to undertake a review into demand side participation in the national electricity market. This review, later titled “Power of Choice – giving consumers options in the way they use electricity” has fundamentally transformed the supply, metering and demand side management of electricity in the Australian National Energy Market (NEM).
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End-to-End Solution in New Zealand

New Zealand was a global “early mover” and now knowledge leader in the competitive deployment of smart meters. Vector Metering, New Zealand’s leading advance metering hardware and service provider expertise, delivers services to more than 1.7 million homes and business across the country. EDMI is proud to have played a significant role in the success of the rollout.
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Near Real-Time Reading in Thailand

Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) a government enterprise under the Ministry of Interior in Thailand, faces twin challenges of energy theft and innately manual meter reading.
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Prepayment Metering Solution in Tanzania

Utility in Tanzania faces the constant challenge of unpaid bills, electricity theft and accuracy in meter readings. In 2009, an AMI project was initiated to reduce non-technical losses targeted for the commercial and industrial sectors and was later extended to the residential sector.
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Since 1978, energy companies all over the world have relied on EDMI to deliver the flexibility and reliability they need and the innovative solutions they demand. Our experience and proven track record with millions of EDMI multi-functional smart meters installed worldwide, mean that our products are tried and tested and you can trust EDMI to meet and exceed your expectations.

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