Osaki Group Philosophy

We create new value for society through visualization of the invisible.

The Resolve Behind Osaki Group Philosophy:

The OSAKI Group is dedicated to serving society through its business activities.

Since its establishment, the OSAKI Group has engaged in manufacturing associated with electricity: the electricity meter and related products have been supporting the reliable supply and efficient use of energy, whose grid forms part of our infrastructure.

Our core mandate to visualize energy, through the use of technology to monitor and manage energy use effectively, has remained steadfast as metering technology has advanced.

Today, our solutions business is steadily expanding, enabling us to visualize things beyond just energy. Our determination to tackle challenges in new domains and make valuable contributions to society lies at the heart of our philosophy.


Global Energy Solution Leader


Push the boundaries of technology to demonstrate new standards in innovation and be responsible for creating a better society through energy solutions.

The three small squares represent “Precision”, “Reliability” and “Technology”, together in the field of energy management. The left rectangle represents the “New value” that arises from a global market, greater than the three right squares combined. The entirety signifies the partnership’s position as “Global Energy Solution Leader”.

As part of the OSAKI Group, EDMI follows the OSAKI Group’s Charter of Corporate Behavior.

Our Company Values

Our company values provide a framework upon which we can all work together as one, embodying certain positive behaviours to achieve our goals and build a better working environment.

Our customers are partners; work with them. Their current and future needs shape our own future.

Act with integrity, and behave responsibly. Earn trust by treating customers, suppliers and colleagues with the same respect you would want yourself.

Hold ourselves and others accountable for contributing to our common goals. Take ownership, and feel empowered in everything you do.

Proactively offer and ask for help, not just locally but regionally. Share experiences and learn from each other.

Be open-minded and positive. Change is always with the intention of improvement. A little change can sometimes make a big difference.

Be curious, be innovative. Have passion for the work we do, the customers we serve and the future we can create together.

Our people are our greatest resources. If you think you align with our company values, explore your career opportunities with us.