EDMI Extends Market Share In New Zealand

Vector, already one of EDMI’s largest customers, has announced that its 100% owned subsidiary Advanced Metering Services (AMS) has been contracted to deploy smart meters for up to 150,000 Contact Energy customers across Auckland, Wellington, Waikato, and the PowerCo regions in New Zealand. On the back of this agreement, EDMI has in turn been selected to provide the meter and communications hardware for this deployment, as well as the software for the reading and management of these smart meters. This extension of the existing agreement with Vector further expands the already significant market share for EDMI in New Zealand.

Vector Chief Executive, Simon Mackenzie said “The meters represent the latest smart metering technology and add further to the largest deployment of smart meters in New Zealand, laying the foundation for future customer requirements, innovative retail solutions, intelligent networks and the ability to provide these services to multiple infrastructure services such as electricity, water and gas.”

About Vector

Vector is a leading New Zealand infrastructure group that owns and manages a unique portfolio of energy and fibre optic infrastructure networks in New Zealand. Vector’s assets perform a key role in delivering energy and communication services to more than one million homes and businesses across New Zealand. They are a significant provider of electricity distribution, gas transmission and distribution, electricity and gas metering installations and data management services, natural gas and LPG, including 60.25% ownership of bulk LPG distributor Liquigas, fibre optic networks in Auckland and Wellington, delivering high speed broadband services. Vector is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange, with the majority shareholder as the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust (AECT), with a shareholding of 75.1%.
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