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With over 40 years experience of manufacturing smart meters and millions of EDMI smart meters installed worldwide, EDMI’s products are tried and tested, giving you the confidence of working hand in hand with a company with a proven track record. Our focus on quality flows from the design phase through to our post sales service, giving you the peace of mind that you can then pass onto your customers.  At EDMI we are dedicated to providing solutions for our customers. We are proud of our customer relationships and our partnership approach ensures that we deliver to customer requirements and exceed expectations.


EDMI’s End-to-End Solution in New Zealand

In 1999, New Zealand became one of the first countries in the world to enable the competitive deployment of truly smart meters. EDMI has played a significant role in the successful roll-out in that country.

EDMI has provided a complete solution including Meters, Modems, Head End, Web based MDMS and Analytics. With meter reading in most cases being provided by EDMI’s mass-market head-end, MultiDrive, over the cellular 2G and 3G networks, EDMI’s ground breaking AMI solutions are preferred in this market. Implemented at scale first by an advanced meter data service provider in New Zealand, EDMI added value across the business including meter fleet management and customer connection control; data collection, reporting and visualisation; and a range of advanced demand management solutions. The New Zealand market responded to EDMI’s competitive service, agility, reliability and competitive offering, and today EDMI has delivered to more than 75% of the available contestable metering-points across residential as well as Commercial and Industrial sites. EDMI’s service and product offer extends from providing meter assets to the ongoing collection, processing and management of energy consumption data in residential as well as Commercial and Industrial sectors.

EDMI supplied more than 1 million smart meters since 2008 to a single customer in New Zealand and services more than 75% of the total contestable market.  The installed meters are read via an EDMI Head End System every night between midnight and 6am with a daily read success rate of more than 99%.

Smart MetersMk7A , Mk7C , Mk10A , Mk10D , Mk10E
NetworkCellular 2G and 3G
Head End SystemMultiDrive

Prepayment Metering in Tanzania

Major Tanzanian utility faces the constant challenge of unpaid bills and dangerous electricity theft cases in the largest country in east Africa. In 2009, they started an AMR project to reduce non-technical losses, targeting medium to large power users in the initial stage. The trial has been successful, with the company seeing a continued reduction in losses. As a result, TANESCO are extending this to residential customers through AMI.

As well as a number of EDMI Split-type prepayment meters, more than 100,000 EDMI three phase smart meters have been installed in the Commercial and Industrial sector in Tanzania. The meters provide prepayment services to a large number of end users, mitigating delinquency risk among residential customers. The three phase meters are being read by the EDMI MultiDrive Head End System for automatic generation of bills, power quality studies and meter management. EDMI’s prepayment solution has demonstrated a significant reduction in energy thefts against conventional metering, improving revenues and increasing public safety.

Smart MetersMk6E , Mk10D , Mk10E
Split-type Prepayment MeterMk29D
NetworkCellular 2G and 3G
Head End SystemMultiDrive

Cluster Metering in Nicaragua

Nicaragua, has the lowest electricity generation, as well as the lowest percentage of population with access to electricity, of any country in Central America. The country faces challenges ranging from non-technical power losses, meter tampering issues to high bad-debt rate and energy inefficiency. These are a strong hindrance to the growth of the local economy.

EDMI, as preferred metering solutions provider for a Nicaraguan utility, delivered a cluster metering solution consisting of a meter box (which contains meters and gateway), a Customer Interface Unit, and Handheld Unit in case of a failure on WAN communication. The meter box is installed on the top of utility pole to reduce physical tampering.

Since the official launch of EDMI’s cluster metering solution in Nicaragua, non-technical losses have dropped by more than 90%. Bad debts and tampering have been all but eliminated.

Smart MetersMk31E
NetworkCellular 2G and 3G, RF/RS-495 2 wire with Hand Held Unit
Head End SystemPrimeStone

Communications Hubs in Great Britain

A major residential smart meter rollout project is currently underway in Great Britain to upgrade the energy supply and tackle climate change, with the goal of every home having a smart meter by 2020. The government has selected an energy management solution consisting of a Communications Hub and Smart Meter (electricity and gas).

As part of the project, EDMI is designing, manufacturing and supplying 10 million communications hubs to the Communication Service Provider for the northern region of Great Britain. The communications hub will enable communication with electricity meters, gas meters and the In-Home Display through a ZigBee network, allowing consumers to effectively monitor and manage energy use.

Smart MetersES10 , GS60
NetworkWAN: RF Sensus Flexnet, HAN: Zigbee

Near Real-Time Reading in Thailand

Thailand utilities face the twin challenges of energy theft and innately inaccurate manual meter reading. In this case  the utilities look for a solution to improve their revenue collection and customer satisfaction. Since 2007, EDMI has deployed high-accuracy three phase smart meters, read every 15 minutes, for high-rate demand monitoring. EDMI’s MultiDrive collects the profile energy reading from over 100,000 meters over GPRS/GSM and also reads billing data.

In partnership with EDMI, the utility has achieved better meter asset management with a single AMR System, and has increased revenue by reducing non-technical losses through real time tampering alarms.

Smart MetersMk6N , Mk10E
NetworkCellular 2G and 3G
Head End SystemMultiDrive