EDMI Releases 2010 Financials

The increases in revenue include:

1. An increase of $2.6 million from $4.4 million for Apr – Dec 2009 to $7.0 million in FY2010 from our subsidiary, EDMI Gas Pty Ltd (EDMI Gas), which was acquired in April 2009

2. An increase of $2.2 million for Aug – Dec 2010 from our subsidiary, EDMI Shenzhen Co Ltd (EDMI Shenzhen), which was acquired in August 2010

3. An increase in the demand for meters in Australasia and Europe which account for 49.5% and 57.1% respectively

4. An increase of sales to ASEAN mainly to Indonesia and Malaysia; partly offset by

5. A lower increase contributed from Africa and Middle East

Total electricity and gas meters delivered increased from 257,000 in FY2009 to 439,000 in FY2010.