EDMI’s Australian Utility Week Success

Brisbane, Australia, 15th December 2014 – EDMI’s dominant presence at the 2014 Australian Utility Week shows the energy solutions innovator is leading the market in the provision of Power of Choice services for the new regulatory period.

EDMI Australasian Executive Director, Andrew Thomas, said the event was the perfect end to a strong 2014.

“The market has responded well to EDMI’s vision of the new world of energy,” said Mr Thomas, “Our customers have identified the challenges they face in this new world and have recognised EDMI’s capability to assist them in understanding and solving these issues.”

EDMI has excelled in competitive market rollouts and the newly-released Energy Cloud solution is an evolution of EDMI’s market leading platforms.

The EDMI Energy Cloud reduces implementation and on-going costs. It delivers savings and stability as a result of its optimised operational process design and by leveraging the latest innovative technology such as Microsoft’s Azure cloud services platform.

“There are significant changes coming to the electricity sector in the next five years; disruptive changes, but ones that are driving innovation,” said Mr Thomas.

EDMI has positioned itself to be a leader in the resurgence of community energy. Leveraging the “Internet of Things” (IoT), EDMI’s Energy Cloud platform unifies traditional utility metering with broader technology solutions like solar panels and battery storage technology.

Australian Utility Week, the premier Australian electricity, gas and water distribution, retail and services event was held at the Pullman Hotel in Melbourne from 18 to 20 November.