Corporate Social Responsibility

The Sustainability Development of every organization depends solely on the effort of the stakeholders. And at EDMI, we continue to work towards attaining good corporate citizenship, where the management pledges to balance every business priority with social, economic and environmental responsibilities, working with our employees and encouraging our other stakeholders to be in harmony with the society and the environment at large in their day-to-day activities.


EDMI continues to reduce global footprint and commits significant resources to innovation, design and development of smarter energy solutions. We are proud of our leadership in the design and delivery of environmentally positive products and services and our continued contribution to a better environment across the globe.


Through our metering and energy management products and solutions, EDMI are at the leading edge of solar, battery storage and other new energy technologies. While EDMI’s mission challenges us to deliver better technologies, EDMI also challenges international energy industries to join us in delivering smarter, more efficient and more sustainable solutions for the planet.


EDMI strives to promote affirmative societal changes through working with local people, communities and charities. EDMI recognises the responsibility that flows from our position of privileged and is committed to the positive promotion of personal health and integrated societal values.

As part of the OSAKI Group, EDMI follows the OSAKI Group’s Statement Regarding the Modern Slavery Act in UK and Australia, and implemented own policy:

Prevention of Modern Slavery Policy