Gas Metering Devices

TR143 Gas Regulator

Residential Low Pressure Gas Regulator

The TR143 is a double diaphragm , spring leaded direct acting type regulator with integrated large surface area filter. The optimised valve head, venturi sensor, and low body pressure drop allows maximum capacity flow at very low inlet pressures.


Product Available In:

  • Africa & Middle East
  • Americas
  • Asia
  • Australasia
  • Europe

Key Features

Standards and Compliance

  • ISO 9001

Key Specifications

  • 10.0m³/hr Gas @ 1.5kPa
  • Wide Range Inlet Pressure
  • Minimal Effect on Outlet Pressure
  • Wide Range of Capacities up to 12m³/hr
  • Smooth Performance & Stability
  • Effective Solution for Low Pressure, High Flow Applications
  • Survives 210kPA Inlet Pressure