EDMI offers a range of smart metering solutions. Under the new brand MIRA, these solutions include fully integrated components comprising software, asset management, metering devices, communications and associated system.  EDMI offers various delivery methods for solutions, ranging from full purchase and deployment of the solution on customer infrastructure to hosted software platforms and leased metering models. Please contact EDMI for more information about these delivery models.



MIRA AMI is end-to-end solution to address all Smart Utility needs. MIRA AMI supports to install various electrical devices, communicating through the industry protocol.

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MIRA HES (Head End System)

MIRA HES solution comprises core HES, NMS insight and interoperable integration services. MIRA HES provides flexible upstream integration and multiple downstream connectivities

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MIRA MDM (Meter Data Management)

MIRA MDM provides out-of-box SOA integration with industry available COTS such as Oracle and SAP system. MIRA MDM has a configurable rule engine to adapt to the project needs of VEE and efficiently manage the storage of meter data.

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MIRA Intelligence

MRA Intelligence is an extensive solution that connects various multiple data sources, HES, MDM and MDC and provides insight through consumer analytics, network analytics, and real-time analytics.

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MIRA Asset Monitoring

MIRA Asset Monitoring solution monitors the wide range of electrical equipment such as distribution transformer, feeder, substation and provides flexible integration with distribution automation and OMS system, to leverage end-to-end benefits of AMI.

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MIRA Smart Grid

MIRA Smart Grid solution provides interoperable interfaces and standard integration to enable smart grid functionality by leveraging the smart grid modules such as PLM, DSM, DER, Storage, EV, and VPP.

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