EDMI Philanthropy

On 8 November 2013, Haiyan, one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded, struck the Philippines resulting an estimated death toll of more than 5,000, with thousands more missing. Homes were swept away by the combination of powerful winds and surging waters. For survivors, the life-and-death struggle continues – the super typhoon has left them no clean water, and no food or shelter. And aid trickles in only slowly due to the damage to the roads and infrastructure that might have carried it.

EDMI offers our deepest condolences to the Filipinos who have lost their loved ones and extends support to the people that were devastated by the natural disaster. Offices, globally, have reached through charitable foundations in the Philippines to extend their aid to the struggling survivors. Employees of EDMI came together and have so far raised SGD $7,400.00. This has been remitted to the ABS-CBN foundation in the Philippines. More funds are still coming in and will soon be sent to the Philippines to aid the victims of the super typhoon.