EDMI’s 25m3 ultrasonic gas meter is a game changer for ANZ

EDMI’s GC-25AU digital ultrasonic gas meter is a game changer for Australian utilities, delivering accurate, remote reading for the same price as a similarly-sized legacy diaphragm meter.

Indeed, the meter’s operational capacity gives it a range that encompasses multiple diaphragm meters sizes, multiplying the savings for networks and consumers.

Cameron Bower, General Manager Digital Gas for EDMI Australasia said the new 25m3 ultrasonic meter was quickly becoming a desirable commodity.  “New products can struggle to gain traction in this industry,” said Cameron, “but with the GC-25AU, EDMI has barely released samples and we already have orders,” he said.

EDMI GC-25AU digital meters form a significant component of a modern metering fleet, delivering more granular data for improved network management.  In addition to the fundamental task of metering, the additional data digital meters deliver provide direct advantages to networks, consumers and the environment.

Along with the GR-8BU, the GC-25AU can accurately measure a gas mix of up to 23% hydrogen.

The regular meter data delivered by digital gas meters can supply to networks will help reduce gas wastage and reduce network management costs. A move to green hydrogen not only allows for a gigantic saving in carbon emissions, but it also represents an opportunity to utilise existing gas infrastructure as Australia’s largest battery.

EDMI’s Executive Director, Brett Reid said digital gas metering technology was a giant stride toward better climate outcomes.  “Digital gas metering is an important step along the path to a future of clean gas, greater customer choice and improved data support for networks,” he said.

The GC-25AU and GR-8BU are read and managed by the same EDMI head-end that makes more than eight million reads every day across Australia and New Zealand.   These reads of encrypted data occur across multiple, securely-separate instances.  Each instance runs on secure servers located within the same country as the meters, with instant fail-over to a different city in that country.

EDMI GR-8BU digital ultrasonic meters for domestic use have already shown significant success in Australian trials, and are already delivering billing data at many thousands of sites in New Zealand.  The GC-25AU is built on the same technology, but is also a return to EDMI’s roots of highly-functional, accurate and reliable industrial and network meters at a compelling price.

Both of the new meters utilise ultrasonic gas technology to accurately measure gas flows in accordance with Australian and international standards.  They are battery powered and electrically safe (to Zone 1 in accordance with IECE-X and ATEX).  Both have Australian pattern approval for utility measurement and billing.

The GC-25AU will last for more than 10 years, assuming a generous usage allowance, before a battery change is required.  The meters are tested and sealed in Australia and can be refurbished at EDMI’s Dandenong facility, which employs more than 50 local manufacturing workers.