EDMI Supplies SMETS2 Polyphase Meters to C&I Customers in Great Britain

LONDON, 10th May, 2021 – Large energy users in Great Britain now have access to EDMI’s market-leading energy solutions, changing the game in the C&I market.

EDMI, a Global Energy Solution Leader, is one of the first suppliers to introduce the latest generation SMETS2-compliant polyphase smart meters to the country.

We are proud of being one of the first suppliers of SMETS2 polyphase smart meters to the market. We believe this new meter is going to be a game-changer for large energy users who have been unable to benefit from the latest smart metering technology,” said Willem Hoogers, Managing Director at EDMI Europe.

Leveraging our long presence in the C&I market, we are committed to offering and delivering these new meters to this addressable market for large energy users to enjoy smarter and sustainable use of energy,” he said.

While EDMI is also a key player in the residential rollout of electricity and gas SMETS2 smart meters and communications hubs to residential users, smart C&I technology is very much a part of EDMI’s DNA.  EDMI’s deep, feature-rich solutions have been delivering market-leading accuracy and reliability to the 2 million meters C&I market in Great Britain for more than 15 years.

The introduction of EDMI SMETS2 polyphase smart meters will allow EDMI to demonstrate more of the EDMI value proposition across distribution, retail and consumer. Opening the SMETS2 meters C&I market in Great Britain will add to the 3.5 million SMETS2 devices already delivered by EDMI to residential customers.