EDMI offers a range of Smart Energy Solutions. These solutions involve fully integrated components from the metering, communications and IT fields.  EDMI offers various delivery methods for Solutions, ranging from full purchase and deployment of the solution on customer infrastructure to hosted software platforms and leased metering models. Please contact EDMI for more information about these delivery models.


Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Designed to deliver smart metering functionality ready for back office integration, while hiding the complexity of metering and metering communications technology.

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Distribution Transformer Monitoring

A true end-to-end service offering that is simple to deploy and operate for distribution network operators looking to manage their low voltage transformers and downstream networks.

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Smart Streetlight Cabinet Controller

The conventional method for switching a bank of streetlights is via a pre-programmed timer, regardless of other external factors.
Fitted with an EDMI Mk10E smart meter connected to Itron’s RF Mesh technology, the EDMI Smart Streetlight control cabinet presents an elegant solution to this problem.

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Hybrid Prepayment Solutions

Most utility companies are facing a dilemma in searching for a prepayment solution that would suit their client’s needs, hence EDMI has developed a system to meet every need of a utility company: The Meter-Smart prepayment model developed for STS meters and the increasing demand, Software-Smart prepayment solution for AMI meters.

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EDMI Energy Cloud - block 2

Energy Cloud

EDMI Energy Cloud combines metering products, communications and software to deliver full metering solutions.

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Cluster Metering Solution

Designed for residential use, the EDMI Cluster Metering Solution (Plug-in Type) is specially customized for Mk32P meters.

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(300x300) Cluster Metering