EDMI Commitment to Energy Solutions Leadership Underpinned by Strategic Business Restructure in Asia

EDMI has made targeted strategic changes to more closely align with its core focus of metering solutions.

As a Global Energy Solution Leader, EDMI understands the complexities of metering solutions and has adjusted its operational framework in Asia. The changes better accommodate the essential support infrastructure needed to meet the exacting market requirements and ensure optimal efficiency.

As part of this restructuring, a controlling interest in key EDMI Asian subsidiaries was acquired by KEA Metering Pte Ltd.  KEA Metering was established by former EDMI Group CEO, Lee Kwang Mong, who separately transitioned out of the EDMI Group. EDMI still retains a minority stake in these entities.

The restructuring does not impact EDMI’s commitment to its markets and valued customers.  Throughout this transition, EDMI remains dedicated to maintaining strong relationships with these entities through its unwavering support and partnership. The company remains steadfast in its dedication to serving these markets effectively through its trusted distributor, KEA Metering, and other established distribution channels.

For inquiries concerning business operations in Asia, please reach out to Sukant Behera, Managing Director of Asia at EDMI, via email at